Our real estate law expertise compliments the firm’s other major practice areas and provides experienced representation in all matters related to real property. From the sale, purchase or financing of a personal residence to the acquisition, permitting, construction and leasing of a commercial real estate project, real property affects many personal and business decisions. We are ready to guide you through this process in a timely and efficient manner. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, a buyer or seller, a lender or borrower, or a developer, we strive to provide the finest quality legal representation to all our clients.

The firm’s founder, Peter J. Babos, has specialized primarily in real estate law since becoming an attorney. This developed from his roots as a real estate broker since 1981. He has worked in residential and commercial real estate sales, in addition to working with developers and builders of condominium and new home developments. He has also worked in the field of both residential and commercial real estate finance. He still owns and operates an independent real estate brokerage and investment firm known as Park Place Properties.

Buying or selling any real estate investment is an exciting and challenging event. It is often one of the biggest financial investments any person or family can make. We want to make sure every document and every detail is in order, and you fully understand what you are signing. We will explain the documents to you, including what your obligations are, and what can happen if you default on those obligations. You need an experienced real estate lawyer to make sure any tax liens have been satisfied, that the title is clear and that all the paperwork is in order. You want to walk away from any real estate transaction with a confident sense that everything was done right, and there is no legal consequence or exposure. We counsel our clients to assure that all possible problems and issues are addressed, and then satisfied.

Our expertise in real estate law consists not only in providing legal assistance in the renting, purchase, and sale of residential, commercial and industrial real estate, but also in providing advice and documentation in the following real estate related areas:

Mortgage and Deed of Trust Financing
Foreclosure (judicial and non-judicial)
Writs and Receivership
Legal Ownership and Title Insurance
Nuisance and Easements
Zoning and Land Use
Condemnation (eminent domain and other forms of government taking)
Construction and Development
Common Interest Communities
Homeowner’s Association

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